Minor faults will arise even with a regular servicing, and we offer a very reasonable price, and a fast response to such issues. Our trained staff will have no trouble in quickly and neatly fixing your issue.

Due to the unpredictable nature of minor boiler faults, you will be happy to know we offer 24/7 callouts. We are prepared to do our best to help no matter what time of day, or day of the week your boiler happens to encounter a fault


What should I do if I discover a fault with my boiler?

If the fault is minor, consult the user manual that comes with your boiler, and check if it is something you can fix yourself. If it is not listed in the manual, then you should not try to perform the repair.

The next step is to call a plumber, we will send out a trained professional to assess the fault and fix it for you at an affordable price.

I have discovered a fault with the gas pipes, what should I do?

The first step is to locate the emergency gas shutoff valve, and turn it a quarter turn. After the gas has been shut off, open all doors and windows in the house to let the gas out. While allowing the gas a while to dissipate, do not use any electrical switches, do not smoke, or light any open flames.

I have found a fault with a water pipe, what should I do?

Unlike the gas pipe, a fault with the water pipes is a minor issue and no risk to your personal health. Try to place a bucket under the leaky point in the pipes, and call out one of our trained technicians to fix it for you.

My radiators have cold spots, is this a fault with my boiler?

No. The cold spots are pockets of trapped air within the radiator. They impede the spread of heat, and thus cause cold areas to form. This problem is easily remedied, however.

By locating the seal valve on your radiator, you can open it, and release all the air or gas from within the radiator, and allow it to fill with water once again.


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  • Safety.

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