It’s extremely important to keep your boiler in good condition, as boilers wear they become more inefficient and cost more to run, they are also more prone to complete breakdown and in some cases may even put out dangerous fumes. To prevent it reaching this point, give us a call at L Murphy Plumbing to arrange regular servicing for your boiler to keep the heart of your home beating for years to come.


How often should I have a servicing done?

The best way to keep a boiler in tip top condition is to have it serviced annually in Summer or early Autumn to ensure it’s in peak condition for Winter. Some boiler warranties may be voided if you fail to service it once a year.

How long will a boiler servicing take to perform?

It should take no more than a couple of hours to complete a routine servicing. One of our Plumbers will carry out a full inspection followed by a tune-up to keep it running well and in good health. If any issues are detected we will notify you and may be able to carry it out at the same time in some cases, bear in mind that repairs are not covered by routine service fees.

How can I be sure my workman is qualified and able to perform the service?

All our Plumbers and Gas Engineers are qualified professionals and are able to produce the relevant documents on request. Furthermore they are all registered with the relevant organisations so you can have peace of mind knowing that only experienced technicians are working on your home.

Will a service include a major repair, if one is needed?

No, a boiler servicing is a checkup and small refresher for your boiler, it is not a full repair. If a major fault is discovered during a servicing, you will receive a separate quote.


All our services come with our promise to uphold our core values as a company.

  • Quality.
  • Integrity.
  • Safety.

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