The Kitchen is a high priority area for both Plumbing and Gas, all Kitchens need running water and many also have Gas hobs and ovens. Often, the Boiler is located in the Kitchen as well. These things along with other Kitchen appliances such as Washing Machines mean that many Plumbing and Gas emergencies start in the Kitchen, so if you smell gas or have a leaky water pipe, give us a call as soon as possible.


Why should I get a lack of water pressure fixed?

Having sufficient water pressure is important to ensure that your hot water remains hot until it leaves the tap, low pressure water will heat up more slowly and will lose a lot more heat as it moves through the system.

What if there's only a small leak?

Even if it’s only a couple of drops, over time repeated exposure to water will weaken the wooden floorboards and supports with rot which could cause permanent, expensive and dangerous damage.

What do I do if a pipe bursts?

If you know exactly where the water valve for your house is then immediately turn it off before grabbing a bucket or some other large vessel to hold the remaining water from the burst. If you don’t know exactly where the valve is then grab a bucket first before locating the valve.

Next turn off your central heating and turn on all the taps that lead into the bath or a sink to drain the remaining water in the system.

Take care to avoid any affected electrical devices and to switch off or move any devices that are in the path of the water before they are in contact with it.

Can you repair or perform work on a kitchen appliance, such as a Dishwasher?

Yes, our trained plumbers are trained to make repairs on kitchen appliances, and they are also qualified to install and set up the appliances for you. If you have any faults, and can’t replace the broken appliance, give us a call, and we will help you to install the new appliance.


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