The Bathroom is one of the highest risk areas in terms of Plumbing and water damage related issues because of the large amount of piping and water sources in the area. Sink drain & taps, bath drain & taps, perhaps a shower too. All our Plumbers are professionals and experts in their field with years of experience and a long reputation for outstanding work, they are more than capable of handling any plumbing issue in the bathroom.


The drainage pipes for my bathtub only leak a little, why get them fixed?

Even if it’s only a couple of drops, over time repeated exposure to water will weaken the wooden floorboards and supports with rot which could cause permanent, expensive and dangerous damage.

Water is already dripping through into the room below my bathtub, what should I do?

The best course of action is to call us as soon as possible and we’ll have a Plumber there right away to assess the damage and repair the piping. They will also inspect the area for rot and check whether the supports need to be repaired.

My bathtub itself has a crack, and leaks directly. What can you do to help?

If your bathtub is damaged, we can repair it using a special ceramic sealant to ensure it doesn’t leak any more. Alternatively if you would prefer a new bathtub we at L Murphy Plumbing can supply and install a replacement tub.

Why should I get a lack of water pressure fixed?

Having sufficient water pressure is important to ensure that your hot water remains hot until it leaves the tap, low pressure water will heat up more slowly and will lose a lot more heat as it moves through the system.


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