Wet Rooms


If you’re looking to have a wetroom installed for you, then look no further. Our skilled employees are ready and able to fit all the tiling and plumbing required to convert any space into a wetroom for you.


Wetrooms are a great idea if you’ve got an old bathroom you want renovated. By tiling the room and opening it up, you will have more space to use, and a better sense of privacy. A wetroom will also add value to your home, if you plan on renting, or selling it in the future.


What is involved with Wetroom installation and what are the advantages?

When installing a wetroom, we must first lay down the appropriate plumbing for drainage. We must then waterproof the floor of the room, to ensure no water damage to the building. Finally, we must tile the whole room, and leave a slope on the floor, for drainage purposes.

A wetroom has many advantages, such as improving the value of a home. Among other benefits it is much easier to clean a wetroom than a standard bathroom.

Can you install underfloor heating in my Wetroom and what type of tiles do you recommend?

Underfloor heating can be installed into your new wetroom, to help keep the floor tiles a comfortable temperature for your feet while you shower.

We would recommend you don’t use tiles with porous qualities, such as slate. They will wear away, and require resealing every few months. We recommend you choose some form of ceramic tiling for your wetroom.


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