Unvented Cylinders

Unvented Cylinders are a newer alternative to older vented systems. In an Unvented Cylinder system the mains connects directly to the hot water system rather than to a cold water tank. This means that the system can activate faster, quieter and at a higher pressure.


What are the benefits of having an unvented cylinder installed?

Unvented cylinder systems benefit in a number of ways over standard vented systems. They do not require a cold water tank in the loft as they are fed directly from the mains. Being fed directly from the mains also means they do not rely on gravity for pressure so the water pressure should be noticeably higher particularly on upper floors. Finally, an unvented system is sealed meaning there is no risk of contamination or freezing during winter.

Where can I get an unvented cylinder installed?

You can have an unvented cylinder installed in any area of your house as they do not rely on gravity for pressure. This also means that the pressure is higher and more consistent throughout all levels of the building.

What different styles of cylinder are available?

There are multiple varieties of Unvented Cylinder system available with several different heating options. You can have one heated via Gas, Electricity or Solar Panels. The Gas and Electrical versions are heated constantly, using small amounts of their respective fuel to maintain temperature. The Solar Panel version uses sunlight to heat the water and maintain charge in a battery for use during the night.

Will buying a tank help me financially?

Depending on your circumstances an Unvented Cylinder system may help you financially. You will waste less water waiting for it to heat up so Water meter users will benefit directly, similarly people who use a lot of hot water throughout the day may benefit from the consistent low usage instead of the large bursts from a vented system. Conversely, those that do not use much hot water may see little to no benefit.


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